Thursday, April 28, 2016

What She KNew by Gilly MacMillan

What She Knew   by Gilly MacMillan

  This is a truly captivating story of a mother's search for her missing child. One Sunday afternoon while walking in the park, Ben, her son asks if he can run up ahead and meet her at the swing and thinking he would be alright. she agrees and that is the last time she sees him. In the public eye she becomes the suspicious one and begins to doubt herself. Just recently divorced adds to her self doubt.
  It's a page turner as scant clues, makes it harder for the police to find Ben. As she herself puts the pieces together, a surprise ending is in store.


  1. That sounds like a mother's worst nightmare! I can see why it's a page turner.

  2. Unless I have been in a closet, this is the first review I have seen for this book. :)

    Sounds good but very intense.

    ENJOY your week.

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