Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday

My teaser is from What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan.

pg. 185

I got the email up on my laptop, winced a little in anticipation of her reading the first paragraph.


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  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    I already have this one on my TBR list, so I do know something of the storyline, having read the premise.

    I am intrigued though, as to what is written on the laptop, which might upset the other woman. Is this something the first person has written, or something she has read in an article, or on a website, which she doesn't think it will be appropriate for the other person to see ... it is obviously going to upset her!

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your reading week :)


  3. I loved What She Knew. Enjoy...and thanks for visiting my blog.