Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blackbird by Anna Carey Post

Blackbird  by  Anna Carey          Post

  When she wakes up with no recollection of who she is, two questions pop up in her mind, What is my name? and How did I get here on the subway tracks?
Only a tattoo on her wrist with a picture of a blackbird and a code number are the only clues to her identity.
This story takes you on an intriguing adventure of finding who you really are in a scary situation as she is being hunted down.
A thrilling read.


  1. Hi Mary Ann,

    I have already added this one to my 'Want To Read' list, although it does sound as though you need to read both parts of the duology, before there are any conclusions or closure to the story!

    I am pleased that you seemed to enjoy the story :)