Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Walnut Tree By Charles Todd Review-Post

The Walnut Tree   By Charles Todd      Review-Post

The year is 1914 and the war breaks out and Belgium is taken over by the Germans and is now threatening France. Lady Elspeth, while visiting her friend , quickly tries to get back to England only to find herself trapped on the French coast.
She is recently engaged to handsome Alain, who is her friend's brother and is now called to join his unit to fight in the war.
Her life takes many turns as she takes a nursing course to help the wounded and finds it is not accepted for her because she is of an  upper class distinction.
She meets the love of her life, Peter, who she helps in his healing process and finds her life takes a different course, when she learns Alain, her bethrothed, comes back in the picture, which for him has very tragic results.
It is a love story that survives the consequences of this terrible war. A truly page turning story which I found very intriguing.