Monday, September 10, 2012

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday

This week I received two books in my mailbox.

Wright For America  by Robin Lamont    Meryl Zegarek Relations, Inc.

Five O'clock Follies  by Theasa Tuohy      Meryl Zegarek Relations, Inc.

What did you receive?


  1. Wonderful book in your mailbox. Have a great reading week!

    Here is my Monday post!!

  2. I have these here waiting for me to read as well. Happy reading this week!

  3. I received the Follies books a couple of weeks ago too. This week I was most excited about receiving a book called "Summer and Bird."

  4. I received Five O'Clock Follies a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy your reading, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Hi Mary Ann,

    I don't think that 'Wright For America' is one that I would enjoy.

    However, 'Five O'clock Follies', sounds interesting, I might wait for your review on this one first.

    I hope that you enjoy your books and have a good week.


  6. I have the Five O'Clock Follies, too. Happy reading!

  7. lol - I didn't receive any novels. but I did buy Endgame! good book by Ann Aguirre.

    Rabid Reader-Mardel

  8. What great looking books. Thanks for stopping by my MM

  9. Gautami Tripathy, Jessica- You too!

    Kristen- Interesting titles.

    Alyce, Mardel- Hope you enjoy your book.

    Bermudaonion- Thanks!

    Laurel-Rain Snow- I hope it's good.

    Fiction- Books- thanks! you also.

    Anna- Looks like a lot of people got this one.