Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dead Ringer By Allen Wyler Review- Post

Dead Ringer      By Allen Wyler        Review- Post

       Dr. Lucas McCrae, neurosurgeon, while at a medical conference in Hong Kong gets the surprise of his life, when the head of a cadaver turns out to be his best friend , Andy. He is shocked beyond belief which leads to more intrigue as he tries to prove that it is Andy, which leads to a whole conspiracy of corruption. It is an exciting thriller that takes you into a world of unbelievable events that gets you wondering about the medical research of body parts. I like thrillers and mysteries and was taken in by the subject matter and the macabre nature of the story.If you enjoy this genre, I would suggest reading it.

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  1. Hi,

    This is definitely an author I need to get to know. This type of mystery / thriller is right up my street. I was instantly reminded of Robin Cook, another author who wrote mostly medical thrillers and whose books I used to read avidly and some of which I still have on my shelves unread.

    Thanks for the recommendation,