Monday, August 8, 2011

Mailbox Monday- Good Graces by Lesley Kagen

Mailbox Monday

I received in the mail from Goldberg McDuffie Communications, Inc.

Good Graces by Lesley Kagen

A heat wave has everyone in the close-knit Milwaukee neighborhood on edge. None more so than Sally, who remains deeply traumatized by the sudden death of her father and her near escape from a murderer and molester the previous summer.Although outwardly she and her sister, Troo, are more secure, Sally's confidence in her own judgment and much of her faith have been whittled away.


  1. This looks good. Happy reading!

  2. That sounds like a good read. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. It also looks and sounds like a good read to me.

  4. Another book that will no doubt bring lots of thought afterwards. Will be looking for your thoughts on this one next.

  5. Hi,
    Hope that you are having a great start to the new week.
    I love the sound of 'Good Graces', a real emotional rollercoaster and hopefully some great descriptive characterizations.
    I look forward to reading your review.

  6. That sounds very good. We had a heat wave here in the Milwaukee area recently. That would have been interesting to read it then.

  7. GiGiAnn, Gautami Tripathy- It does sound good.

    Anna- Thanks!

    Hannah- You too!

    Bermudaonion- Sounds intriguing.

    Aisle B, fiction- books- I hope to read it soon.

    Beth- Yes, in a cool spot.

  8. This is one that I would read for sure!!