Monday, August 15, 2011

Mailbox Monday- The Eden Prescription by Ethan Evers

Mailbox Monday

I received The Eden Prescription by Ethan Evers

297 pages
self- published

What if the ultimate treatment for cancer was closer than most of us realize? A silent revolution has been unfolding recently in the science of natural medicine, bringing us so close to the answer-far too close, for some.


  1. That would be wonderful if they found a cure for cancer.

  2. I hope that wish for a cure would be here today soon as well.

  3. Wow; wouldn't it be awesome to eradicate cancer? I hope that the book is as interesting as it looks and sounds!

  4. It would be wonderful if they would find a cure for cancer. I hope this book is insightful.

  5. GiGiAnn, AisleB- I agree whole heartedly.

    Beth, Julie- I do too! It sounds very interesting.

    Mary, Melissa- Thanks! glad you came by.

    Leslie- Yes, it does.

  6. That would be a wonderful thing! Hope you enjoy the book.