Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Voice- TV Show

The Voice

Last nights show was exciting as the final judgment was decided on who would be the winner. Each of the four remaining finalists sang with a well known celebrity, as the last time to sing was coming to an end. It came down to the final two, with a 2% margin between them, they were Dia Frampton and Javier Colon. The winner was Javier Colon. I never thought this show would hold my interest for long , but watching it progress , captured my interest.


  1. I didn't think he should have got that far... so I stopped watching long ago.
    I think Bev or the other chick... not Dia... were better than the 2 that made it.
    Just me.

  2. I saw a few of the shows. I thought the finale was going to be tonight! It's been being shown on Thursdays, and they move it to Wednesday? or maybe I missed more shows than I thought.

  3. fredamus- I sort of thought they were all good in their own way.

    Mardel- Only the finale was on Wednesday.

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