Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dancing With The Stars- 5-2-11 Show

Last night on Dancing With The Stars, the stars were divided into two groups to perform. Each group ended up in a tie and received 30 pts from the judges. A new judge appeared on the scene, a scotsman, Donnie Burns, who had won many dancing titles.
A favorite of mine Kristie Alley sort of ran out of steam and her performance was described as uneventful. Ralph Macchio, another favorite did the quick step and managed to get a 10 from judge Burns. It ended up with Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward on the top, and Romeo and Kirstie on the bottom. Stay tuned tonight for the result show.


  1. None of the dances blew me away last night. I'll be interested to see who goes home tonight.

  2. bermudaonion- Yes, you're right, nobody is really standing out.