Thursday, May 5, 2011

America's Next Top Model 5-4-11 show

I watched America's Next Top Model last night. The girls are in Morocco facing different challenges. The one challenge was tasting the Moroccan delicacies,but they didn't look too appetizing .One of the models got physically sick after tasting" brains". Another challenge they faced was balancing a tea tray on top of their heads which proved disastrous for most of them. Alexandria was eliminated and now it is down to the final three. If you get into this show it's quite interesting.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this show!!! I'm so glad Alexandria was eliminated, even though I'd begun to warm up to her, she still seemed so darn pretentious! I love Molly as a model, but she has an extremely unbecoming personality. Brittani is the one I like the most, but she seems to cry at the drop of a hat (the teasers for next week's episode suggest another meltdown!), and Hannah is easily forgettable! Who's your favorite pick? :)

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  2. Thanks! for your great comment of Top Model, I agree with what you said about them, you are right on. I guess right now, I really don't have a favorite, I'll have to see how they do as the show goes on.