Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonderous Words Wednesday



a. Any of the characters in several alphabets used by ancient Germanic peoples from the 3rd to the 13th century.
b. A similar character in another alphabet, sometimes believed to have magic powers.
2. A poem or incantation of mysterious significance, especially a magic charm.

a. A Finnish poem or section of a poem.

From the book City of Ashes (part of the Mortal Instruments series) by Cassandra Clare.


  1. I knew the word had something to do with magic, as in rune stones, but never knew exactly what it meant. And I had no idea it was also a poem. Great word.

  2. Haha, rune reminds me of an episode of Gilmore Girls in which Jackson's cousin, named Rune, visits and has to go on a date with Lorelai against his will. I think it's Luke that Lorelai is talking to when she mentions Rune and he asks "What's a Rune?" Now I know ;) If you get a chance, my words are here:

  3. I only knew the one use -- an alphabetic character on a stone used for some magical purpose I've never fully understood. Thanks for the further details.

  4. I always liked "rune"(same word in French) I think this word sounds mysterious, perhaps because "runes" had been difficult to understand !

  5. This word is new to me. And I didn't know it had so many different meanings!

  6. Martha Hey- Thanks!

    Julie- Thanks! for stopping and commenting.

    Joy Weese Moll- You're welcome.

    Annie- You could be right.

    Laura- Glad you came by.

  7. I've come across the word rune before, mainly reading books to my 10 year old son- I would have said they were like a code written on stones, which was my understanding. Always interesting to see that there is more to it.