Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Blog Hop - Giveaway of "So Much Pretty" by Cara Hoffman

Book Summary:

When she disappeared from her rural hometown, Wendy White was a sweet, family-oriented girl, a late bloomer who’d recently moved out on her own, with her first real boyfriend and a job waiting tables at the local tavern. It happens all the time—a woman goes missing, a family mourns, and the case remains unsolved. Stacy Flynn is a reporter looking for her big break. She moved east from Cleveland, a city known for its violent crime, but that’s the last thing she expected to cover in Haeden. This small, upstate New York town counts a dairy farm as its main employer and is home to families who’ve set down roots and never left—people who don’t take kindly to outsiders. Flynn is researching the environmental impact of the dairy, and the way money flows outward like the chemical runoff, eventually poisoning those who live at the edges of its reach.

Five months after she disappeared, Wendy’s body is found in a ditch just off one of Haeden’s main roads. Suddenly, Flynn has a big story, but no one wants to talk to her. No one seems to think that Wendy’s killer could still be among them. A drifter, they say. Someone “not from here.”

Fifteen-year-old Alice Piper is an imaginative student with a genius IQ and strong ideals. The precocious, confident girl has stood out in Haeden since the day her eccentric hippie parents moved there from New York City, seeking a better life for their only child. When Alice reads Flynn’s passionate article in the Haeden Free Press about violence against women—about the staggering number of women who are killed each day by people they know—she begins to connect the dots of Wendy’s disappearance and death, leading her to make a choice: join the rest in turning a blind eye, or risk getting involved. As Flynn and Alice separately observe the locals’ failure to acknowledge a murderer in their midst, Alice’s fate is forever entwined with Wendy’s when a second crime rocks the town to its core.

Stylishly written, closely observed, and bracingly unexpected, So Much Pretty leads the reader into the treacherous psychology of denial, where the details of an event are already known, deeply and intuitively felt, but not yet admitted to, reconciled or revealed.

My Thoughts:

This book shows how crimes can be gotten away with in a small town environment by individuals who think they have the right to do it.

Claire and Gene, the hippie parents of Alice, moved to Haeden, a small farm town to escape the city life. They soon find out that they couldn't prevent what happened to their daughter by living there. The book goes back and forth with their lives and friends and the different stages of their daughter's life.

When the murder of a young girl happens and they find her body, a new reporter, Flynn, digs deeper into the violence against women and the women who are killed each day by people they know. She begins to connect the dots and comes to realistic conclusions.

What happens next will surprise you–as it did me.

All in all, it is a riveting book that I couldn't put down.

So Much Pretty by Cara Hoffman is available for $25.00 at Amazon.com and CaraHoffman.com.

A review copy was obtained from Simon & Schuster.

Congratulations to our winner: Stacie Amelotte!


  1. The book sounds fabulous. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. I have So Much Pretty and I can't wait to get the chance to read it. You've made me even more anxious to dig into it!

  3. Thank you for being part of this amazing blog hop, and for your generous giveaway! Happy Easter - may yours be a blessed one! :)

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