Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ghost Hunters, Taps, 4-6-11 Episode

Last night Taps investigated Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. They caught an anomaly with the thermal camera, they saw something standing down the way in the "Long Alley".They also heard sounds of someone walking as if they were next to them.
Amy and Britt also thought they heard somebody walking toward them at the "Case Mate". Amy thought she may have seen an apparition.
One interesting item that was caught was the sound of someone breathing, it could have been a residual haunting.
They also investigated the Ferrell house in North Carolina. The family felt that past members of their family were coming back to haunt them. A couple of evp's of a man's voice were caught. The voice was creepy, but they couldn't figure out what was being said.
A lot of the claims at their house were de-bunked.

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