Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teaser Tuesday - Tomorrow's Guardian

Here is my teaser from Tomorrow's Guardian by Richard Denning (Page 3):

Fifty enemy warriors closed in on him from all around. His mouth felt dry. Shaking with fear he fired his revolver, heard the hammer click on an empty chamber. He fumbled for his sword, knowing he had only moments to live...

"Tom, wake up lad; wake up now! Your friends will be here soon."

Tom Oakley opened his eyes, sat up in bed and stared wildly around his room, taking in the PC in the corner, a heap of abandoned clothes and trainers on the floor and the Nintendo DS on the bedside cabinet. Finally, he turned to where his father stood at the open door and gave him a bewildered stare.

His father's eyes narrowed and he came and sat on his son's bed. Reaching over, he swept Tom's hair to one side and touched his forehead to see if it felt hot.

"What is it lad? Did you have another of those nightmares?"

Tom nodded.

"One of those dreams where you think you're someone else?"

"They seem so...real, Dad," Tom answered.


  1. This looks good. Is it something you think my sons would enjoy? (10-13)

  2. Wow, great teaser. I sometimes have dreams when I'm a man...which is weird. ;)

    Here is mine:

  3. Doesn't sound like my kind of book, but it is an interesting teaser. Thanks for visiting!

  4. LMAO @Gia "I sometimes have dreams when I'm a man...which is weird. ;)"

    That teaser sounds like something I could get into. Thanks for the visit :)

  5. At least he woke up in time because one sword is not going to do much against 50 men. I wonder if his dreams pick up where he left off before?
    Thanks for stopping by -- what a lovely blog! That lady looks just like you :)

  6. Just visiting and really enjoying your teaser. I'm super intrigued!

    The Scarf Princess

  7. Great teaser! For a moment there, I was really worried. LOL.

  8. Dreams can be so weird sometimes! This sounds like a book my brother would enjoy, thanks for sharing!

    My teaser this week is from Tales From The Yoga Studio

  9. A dream so real is indeed terrifying. great teaser

  10. Hott- books- Yes, it's written for young adults.

    Gia- yes, it is lol.

    Heather- Glad you came by.

    Ren Thompson- you too!

    Georgia Girls- You'll have to read the book to find out. Glad you stopped by. Thanks! it could be a younger version of me lol.

  11. Joder- Thanks! I appreciate that.

    Kah Woei- Yes, it was a teaser that made you wonder.

    Ks books- I just had a dream last night that was strange.

    Novroz- Yes! it is.