Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teaser Tuesday - Respect-Me Rules

Here is my teaser from Respect-Me Rules by Michael and Shelly Marshall (Page 2):

"I suffered twenty-five years of verbal and emotional abuse from my husband. I lost myself in that sick situation. I was so messed up from all the abuse, I became fragmented emotionally. He did all the classic behaviors. He alienated me from family and friends. He belittled me in front of my children. He made fun of my religious beliefs. He refused me money for nice clothes and made fun of my physical appearance. He spent what he wanted on himself. He ruined our credit. I had suicidal thoughts all the time. He punched holes in the walls, yelled, cursed, ranted and raved, and threatened to take the kids from me. He was always insanely jealous. I just endured it. My children have been scared, and needless to say, severely affected by this cycle of abuse also."

-Dee N.


  1. Thanks for the visit to My Reading Corner.

  2. That's an awful way for a woman to live, but even more tragic for the children.

  3. Not a book I'd like to read, I think, but a powerful teaser.

  4. I'm glad I only had 4 years with a madman.

  5. This is so unhealthy. please tell me she gets out with her kids alive and is living a happier life now.

  6. I hope you enjoy your book. Check out what my Tuesday Teaser is.

  7. Happy Teaser Tuesday!!! My teaser this week is for Mistwood by Leah Cypess which is currently discount on Amazon for only $6.50 for a new hardcover copy!!! I posted a link to the price! Finally, a great fantasy book that really feels like the older fantasy novels written by favorites like Tamora Pierce and Sharon Shinn!

    Emma Michaels

  8. What a horrifying life ... pretty amazing that she survived it ...

  9. Wow, what a life. Great teaser! Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  10. What a sad teaser :(
    Hope you'll enjoy the book

  11. That was really difficult to read. I hope the author got out of that situation, both for herself and the children. No person deserves that kind of abuse!

    You can find my TT here: http://ksbooks.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/teaser-tuesday-28/

  12. Hott books- Gina, Gautami, GIGI Ann, Shelly, Emma, Booklover book reviews, Karen& Amp, Novroz,& Lu

    Thanks, for coming by& commenting.

    Ellie- Yes, you are so right.

    Fredamans- glad you are out of your situation.

    AisleB, K-S books- I am still reading the book.

    Lori- Thanks! will do.

    Kah Woei- Yes, it was pretty amazing.

  13. Wow, that's one terrible situation. I hope she found her way out of it! Great teaser.

    And many thanks for visiting mine!