Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?
Acapulco, Mexico

2. What is your favorite room in your house?
My kitchen

3. Can you wiggle your ears?

4. What is your evening ritual?
Make dinner, clean up, watch the news, maybe read a little or watch one of my shows on TV, bath and go to bed.

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
At least 8 hours.


  1. your evening ritual sounds a lot like mine.

    have a great weekend.

  2. You met your Spouse in Mexico? I bet there's a story there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower.
    Great answers! After reading yours and others, I'm starting to think I need more that 6 hours sleep to function. Everyone else is saying around 8hrs.
    Wow, met your husband in Mexico thats interesting.

  4. Meeting in Mexico sounds wonderful. Were you on vacation and him as well ? I see your favorite room is your kitchen. What is your favorite thing to make in there ? I try and not cook very often but love learning new things to make.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Will check back on your journey in life. Kath' from

  5. Acapulco Mexico is where my hubs and I went for our honeymoon! Small world. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're welcome back anytime. -E

  6. I really want to go to Mexico!

  7. See if you wiggled you ears too, we could rule the world lol.
    I have never been to Mexico. Is it a neat place to visit?

  8. Jennifer- I think a lot of us share the same routine. Thanks!

    Jodie- We were both on vacation at the time.

    Amy- Yes, I definitely need 7-8 hrs, it's not always easy to do.

    Kath'- Yes, I met him in Mexico, while we were both on vacation.My favorite thing to make is chicken parm.

    Eastlyn- thanks! for coming by, I appreciate it.

    Stacie--Maybe some day you will.

    Rochelle- It's been over 30 yrs. since I've been there, I have no idea how it would be now.