Friday, December 10, 2010

My Book Blog Follow Friday

"Do you have an under-noticed author that you think we should all know about?"

I can heartily recommend our own Tribute Books author, Molly Roe. She is the author of the young adult historical fiction, Call Me Kate: Meeting the Molly Maguires. It is the first of a trilogy of books about three sisters growing up in a coal mining town during the Civil War era. It also won the Mom's Choice Award.

I also love the books of Tommie Lyn - a fantastic self-published author.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Mary

    Your book recommendation seems interesting. I am a big fan of historical fiction book.
    I wish the book is available at local store.
    Because it's hard enough for me to order it via Amazon or other online bookstore

    Have a great weekend.

    Waiting for another updates of yours

  2. Hey Mary! Super adorable blog. New follower. Thanks for those book recs. :D

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  4. Science fiction and horror are the two genres that have stuck with me since I was a kid. That brings me back to Esther Friesner, an excellent science fiction author that I think too few people know about.

    More about my impressions of her writing are on my blog. Follow me!

    TGIFF! (Thank God It’s Follow Friday!)

    Howard Sherman

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  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following you! Looking forward to some more of your recommendations. Sonette!

  7. Aleetha, Missie, M.M. Shelley, Howard Sherman, Rave Anderson. & Sonnette
    Thank you for responding!

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