Monday, November 1, 2010

Supernatural -Season 1

This made for television series, that I have been watching lately is about two brothers traveling around together trying to prevent paranormal bad things happening to people. Their lives as small children resulted in the death of their mother & their father having to leave them , not knowing where he is, only getting in touch with them occasionally. they have to continue doing their plight until they are reunited with their father for good.


  1. I've been watching this. I think I'm on the third season now. I have to fast forward past the especially scary bits, but the over all story line - what's up with the demon that killed their mother? What's special about Sam? Where is this all going, anyway? - is keeping me hooked. Which says a lot, since I really, really HATE scary movies and TV shows!

  2. It's keeping me hooked also Jennifer, how much more can these brothers take

  3. I absolutely love this show. Each time they take on an urban legend or fairy tale monster, I get so excited... Just need to catch up on this season.

    Tobe @ Wading Through the Ocean of Life