Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paranormal State - Ryan & Lorraine in person and Spirits in the Slave Dungeon & Ghost on the Tracks

The second week of the 5th season of Paranormal State turned out to be interesting - especially after attending a lecture by Ryan Burell and Lorraine Warren on the 22nd at Penn State Scranton Worthington campus. This was the first time the two ever gave a talk together, and they spoke for over three hours.

Ryan had many funny behind-the-scenes moments from the show. In the "Smoke and Mirrors" episode, the Vietnam vet came downstairs where the girls had bunked and stared at Katrina for half an hour. Also, when Ryan was making $150 a week as a college student, the Paranormal Research Society used to go to Wal-Mart, buy equipment and then return it within 30 days. He also talked about how he stayed in Pittsburgh to attend an exorcism and missed out on taking his final exams while a student at Penn State. His mother was not too happy that the $10,000 loan she took out for the semester's tuition went for nothing.

Lorriane was a treat. It turns out her maiden name is the same as my mother-in-law's family - Moran. She was cold in the auditorium and asked Ryan to give her his coat - which he put around her shoulders like a gentleman. A member of the crowd asked Lorraine if she could see the auras of everyone in the crowd, and she responded, "No honey, I have to concentrate on a particular person." She was joined by her son-in-law who showed a documentary from the 1980s that aired on CBS of Lorraine and her late husband, Ed. He also showed a real life exorcism of a Canadian farmer. Lorraine and Ed are famous for their work on the Amityville Horror case. She talked about a whirlwind following her to her bedroom paralyzing her. Also, she said that while her and Ed were driving between Lord's Valley and Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania that they joked that Amityville couldn't touch them here. Next thing they knew their car was spun around and thrown over an embankment. She is one brave woman.

The first episode of the week was "Spirits in the Slave Dungeon." Ryan, Sergey, Josh and Michelle traveled to the old Charleston jail where they were reprimanded by an African American shaman for making a mockery of the dead. Ryan agreed and they confronted the tour manager saying that respect needed to be shown by the tourists walking in with their fanny packs snapping pictures.

The second episode marked the return of Katrina. This time the gang investigated a New Jersey beauty salon in "Ghost on the Tracks." Since a mother and daughter were killed when a train dragged their car through the intersection near the salon, that became the focus of their efforts. It seems that train tracks are similar to ley lines allowing spirit energy a pathway to travel.

I remember back in 1989 when that accident occurred. It was featured on the news because it was the first run of an 80 mph speed train that would carry gamblers to Atlantic City. It is awful what happened to that family.

The episode ended on a lighter note when the members of PRS were treated to some pampering at the salon.

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