Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glee-10-13-10 Episode

I thought some of the duets last night were great, and some not so great. Finn and Rachel wanted to be the best and win and they were as far as I was concerned. Kurt sang with Rachel but it didn't go over with me that well, maybe didn't like the tune.Too bad Puck was out of the picture,I enjoy him and his singing .The show on the whole was far better than last week. In my opinion it got back to being a show entertaining people.


  1. I agree. Last week's episode was just one big commercial after another. I couldn't believe how little of a 'show' there was and how much advertising took up the hour. At least there was a hint of a story line this week. However, if everyone is going to have to sing every show, there just won't be enough time for actual plot. They might have to make a 2 hour show. I enjoy the singing, but it was the humor that originally drew me to the program.