Monday, October 13, 2014

Trust In Me by Sophie McKenzie Review-Post

Trust In Me  by Sophie McKenzie         Review-Post

   Livy cannot believe her best friend Julia has been lying to her. When she discovers her body when she stops over for her weekly visit, things just don't add up. She begins to investigate futher finding things out even about her own husband.
    This fast- paced thriller with twists that leave you wanting to keep turning the pages . The thought that you couldn't trust the people close to you, leaves you with a fearful feeling. The danger involved as she gets closer to the truth, keeps you at the edge of your seat.

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  1. HI Mary Ann

    This one is already on my 'Want To Read' list, it sounds so good.

    I was commenting on my most recent post about books which are published with different titles and covers, on either side of the Atlantic and this is another case in point. You seem to have the UK version of this book, which isn't due for release in the US until next Spring, with a completely different cover and the title 'You Can Trust Me'!

    It is good to have so many positive reviews to reinforce my decision read this one, thanks for the feature.