Monday, July 14, 2014

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday

I didn't receive any new books in my mailbox.

Reading:  An Unwilling Accomplice    by Charles Todd

World War 1 battlefield nurse Bess Crawford's career is in jeopardy when a murder is committed on her watch. In this absorbing and atmospheric mystery.

What goodies did you receive?


  1. Enjoy. Charles todd is a good read

  2. Last week was a slow week for me too - they're nice from time to time.

  3. I love the Bess Crawford series and have this book on my review shelf. Hope to get to it soon! Have a good week!

  4. Hi Mary Ann,

    My mailbox is light most weeks, with only one or two new additions, so this week I don't feel so bad!

    'An Unwilling Accomplice' features on several sites and seems to be being very well recieved. Whilst my preference is for a slightly 'harder' storyline, it is great to sample these rather tongue in cheek murder stories sometimes, so I do hope that you enjoy it.

    Have a good week,


  5. An Unwilling Accomplice looks good! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  6. Enjoy your catch-up week! Your current read sounds enticing.

  7. I like Charles Todd's books.

    ENJOY, and have a wonderful reading week.

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