Monday, September 9, 2013

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday

I received two new titles in my mailbox this past week.

Noble Endeavours by Miranda Seymour 

Silent Tide  by Rachel Hore

Both from Simon & Schuster  UK

Reading: All You Could Ask For   by Mike Greenberg


  1. I do enjoy British authors. Hope you like the books.

  2. Enjoy your new books and have a great week!

  3. Enjoy your new books and have a great week!

  4. They both sound good. ENJOY!!

    I don't know what I have received since I am out of town, but I did attend a Hachette Book Event and received 9 books. I will report about those books on next week's Mailbox Monday when I return.

    Actually my husband just called and told me I received SIX books. I said please tell me the titles, and he said he didn't feel like opening all the packages. :( Oh will be an even bigger surprise.

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    My Mailbox Monday

  5. Hi Mary Ann,

    I love the sound of 'Silent Tide'. I have come across the name of Rachel Hore before, although I can't recall ever having read any of her books. Even better that the story is book related and moves back and forth between two time periods, which if treated proficiently can make for an intriguing and interesting story.

    'All You Could Ask For' is also an excellent sounding debut novel, which has so much going for it, that it is heading straight for my reading list.

    Thanks for featuring some excellent books this week, I hope that you enjoy them all,


  6. Haven't read either of those. Hope they are good ones. Have a great week.

  7. Those both sound good...thanks for sharing...and for stopping by my blog.

  8. Harvee- Thanks!

    Pat, Leslie, Laurel-Rain Snow- You too!

    Bermudaonion- I hope so too.

    Elizabeth- Six books, a good mailbox

    Yvonne- Thanks! again for stopping, enjoy your week of reading.

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