Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lighthouse Island By Paulette Jiles Review-Post

Lighthouse Island   By Paulette Jiles        Review-Post

     This is an intriguing story of a futuristic world that is in drought and animals are long gone. Nadia Stephan is an orphan girl, left on her own , who desperately wants to get to a place called Lighthouse Island in the Pacific Northwest. Maps and borders are a thing of the past, which makes her journey very difficult as she abandons everything to get there.
      I found this book to be a page turner. It's a dystopian adventure that didn't disappoint even though it wasn't one of my favorite genres but found the story to be very interesting trying to live in a world that lost everything and was completely different.

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  1. The fact that it's not your favorite genre yet you still found it a page turner says a lot to me.