Monday, June 10, 2013

Me On The Floor Bleeding by Jenny Jagerfeld Review-Post

Me On The Floor Bleeding      by Jenny Jagerfeld         Review-Post

In the midst of her journey of self-discovery, Maja falls in love and describes each moment with such bare bones honesty that one can't help but be drawn into the psyche of this seventeen year old girl. She is both wise beyond her years an naive in ways one wouldn't expect. Her story begins with sawing off the tip of her thumb by accident and ends with a bittersweet revelation.

My Thoughts:
I was drawn into this story by going through with Maja in her somewhat difficult relationship with  her parents. Being sort of lost and desperately trying to find answers, she gets herself into situations with an older boy whom she meets at a party and falls in love with him.
Having an absent mom and not understanding how she acts with her certainly leaves her very confused, but when she finds out the truth it helps her a great deal.
I didn't think I would find this to be a page-turner but surprisingly I did.


  1. I like it when I pick up a book and it ends up surprising me.

  2. What a pleasant surprise! I think it would be so tough to be a 17 year old girl these days.

  3. Laura- Me Too!

    Bermudaonion- I agree.