Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Lawyer's Lawyer

The Lawyer's Lawyer    by  James Sheehan        Review- Post

     Celebrated Miami trial attorney Jack Tobin was known in courtroom circles as a" Lawyer's Lawyer"- the guy the best lawyers say they'd want to represent them in a fight. Now retired from the high-powered Miami scene to the sleepy fishing town of Bass Creek, Tobin only represents people he believes are innocent. When he is asked to represent a suspected serial killer on death row, Tobin at first is hesitant.

My Thoughts:
     This is a suspenseful thriller that keeps you wondering who the serial killer really is and how Jack is going  to go about it, for he is truly in for a real trial battle. A page turner for me, anxious to see what will happen next. It was an enjoyable read, a real crime story.



  1. Serial killers are scary and fascinating loonies. Don't want to meet them but I sure love reading about them.

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