Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dark Souls by Paula Morris Review-Post

Dark Souls  By Paula Morris    Review-Post


The ghost was there.
   Miranda froze, still clutching one of the curtains. He looked even more breathtaking this time, his face like chiseled marble. Tonight he wasn't smiling at all, but his eyes were warm, velvety dark. He opened his mouth. Was he trying to say something? Then the flame of the candle leapt, just for an instant, and died. he was gone.
  Miranda peeled her hand off the glass and staggered back to bed, her heart racing. What was he going to say to her?  What did he want her to know?

My thoughts:

This book takes place in York, England, where Miranda and her family are on vacation. She realizes right away that this is going to be a very interesting and exciting one for her as she thinks she is seeing ghosts. I found it to be an intriguing read as it kept my interest from page one. As countless ghosts roam the cobblestones of the city, the story is captivating.