Monday, January 14, 2013

By Fire By Water by Mitchell James Kaplan Post- Review

By Fire,By Water   By Mitchell James Kaplan    Post- Review


Within this dramatic story lies a subtle, insightful examination of the crisis of faith at the heart of the Spanish Inquisition. Irresolvable conflict rages within the conversos, who are torn between the religion they left behind and the conversion meant to ensure their safety. In this story of love, God, faith, and torture, fifteenth-century Spain comes to dazzling, engrossing life.

My Thoughts:

This is a tumultuos time of horrific persecution of the people of the Jewish faith. It is the story of Luis de Santangel, who is a chancellor to the court and a longtime friend of King Ferdinand, who has had enough of The Spanish Inquisition. After all the suffering, only one man can offer him a chance to hope for a better world, Christopher columbus. It is an eye opening story of what when on during that time period and what the people had to endure. A truly interesting read.