Thursday, January 24, 2013

Buster The Shih-Tzu pup

Buster   The Shih-Tzu pup

Since we are waking up to frigid temperatures this past week , 0 degrees early this morning, Buster is very much in and out,the fastest ever. He is smart not to stay outside sniffing around. He does his thing and back into a warm and cozy house. I feel sorry for the animals in this awful weather, as they can't be outside too long until it reaches above the freezing point. Spring cannot come fast enough this year. Right now he can only dream of his walks in the park and stay warm.


  1. Ewok loves the snow, and sometimes I have to fight to get her inside.

    I recently reviewed a product called Pawstick, it actually helps their paws in this weather. It's great since I can't get her to wear booties anymore... she hates them. But with the Pawstick, it is like a chapstick for their paws. It's less than $5 too. If you go to my page there is a discount code if you're interested in checking it out. It may help for Buster too. :-)

  2. Our dog runs in and out in in the cold too. Stay warm!