Thursday, January 3, 2013

Buster The Shih-tzu pup

Buster   The Shih-Tzu  pup

With a few inches of snow on the ground, Buster is enjoying jumping in it when he is outside. As I look over at him napping, I wish it was me lol. The winter is hard on them, since they are in so much of the time and I am sure Buster will be welcoming the spring and the trips to his favorite place, the park. Luv from Buster.


  1. Buster is so cute! Ewok loves the snow too! It must be the breed!
    Ewok wants me to make sure to say "woof" to Buster for her.

  2. I'd love to see Buster prancing in the snow.

  3. fredamans- I sure will.

    Bermudaonion- I'll have to get a picture of that.

  4. Such a cute picture. My dog does not like the cold weather at all! She loves to be covered by blankets!