Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pittsburg Landing By Robert Burns Clark Review-Post

Pittsburgh Landing   By Robert Burns Clark     Review-Post

   This is a story of two men who fought bravely during the war at an obscure post on the Tennessee River known as Pittsburg Landing. It's a story of true courage during these times of certain death or being maimed for life.
   Will, a 42 year old West Point officer and a veteran of the Mexican War, volunteers to train his troops, although he is very much against pitting American against American. Before he heads off to war he marries the beautiful young Sarah, whose father is his friend and approves of the relationship.
   Amos Bingham, also a veteran of the Mexican War, refuses to join the fight but discovers his son Noah is off to join the army. Amos seeks the help of Will to find his son before he does join up .
   This battle goes on for years and proves to be very bloody and many lives are sacrificed. It is a compelling and page turning read.

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