Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Color of Snow by Brenda Stanley Review-Post

The Color of Snow    by Brenda Stanley       Review-Post

This is a fascinating story about a girl named Sophie, who was hidden away since birth by her father who believes she has inherited a curse past down in the family. His mother, Theta, Sophie's grandmother is the one that gave it to her family.
After she finally gets her freedom from the only way of living she knows, because her father is sent to jail, Sophie is sent to live with her mother's parents, the Richardsons. Her mother died when she was born.
Damien is a boy that she met while she was hidden away in seclusion and was kept a secret from her father. She falls in love with him, but many circumstances prevent them from being together.
While she is living with her grandparents, Stephanie, her cousin tries to help her see the light by trying to convince her that she is not cursed.
It's an intriguing story of how she finds out about her father's family and how she intends to cope with it and go on with her life.