Friday, June 8, 2012

Justified ( tv series)

Justified   ( tv series)

I started watching the entire series of Justified and couldn't believe how many people get shot and killed in one episode. It takes place in Kentucky, where US Marshall Raylan Givens has to handle the many goings on in his hometown. I wasn't prepared at first for all the violence, but the storylines keep you coming back for more.


  1. Nicole..I have watched "Justified" Since The First Episode..Anything by Elmore Leonard is wonderful..The Story was taken from his book or it Might've been a Short Story "Ridin The Rap''violent but not uncalled for..It goes with the Territory..Try and Catch up BC the next Series I believe starts in January..I follow ElmoreLeonard on twitter and JustifiedFX for updates..Elmore Leonard's Film was a Huge hit at Sundance..and Now his son is writing as well..Huge Crush on "Raylan..and "Raylan" the Book was published I believe in early 2012..It gets very complicated..and so realistic....Just started watching Longmire Mondays at 10PM on A&E..Based on Craig Johnson Novels...Western.. Current.was impressed.. You will as you noted Keep coming Back for more of Justified..Has won many Awards...I am a Groupie..: ) Susan...

  2. Susan- you really get hooked on this show, thanks! for commenting.