Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic In 3-D

Over the week-end I experienced seeing Titanic again after about 15 years. It was great the first time and even greater seeing it again. Leonardo looked so young and Kate looked great. The story of them in it is just amazing. The tragedy of it still seems unbelievable and it seems hard to believe it was 100 years ago. It still captures the audience in it's never forgotten struggle for the people who survived and the many who died in those frozen waters. It truly is a reminder that nothing is for certain, a great movie.


  1. I saw the regular version of this not too long ago. I may also see it in 3-D!

  2. My daughter saw the 3D version a few weeks ago and really liked it. That surprised her because she'd already seen it the first time around.

    1. Suko- It's really nice seeing it in 3-D.

      Mary- I know it really mesmerizes you even the second time around.