Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Taken from Difficult Words:

1. vitriolic-(adj) having a caustic quality(When angry, the woman would spew vitriolic insults.)

2. obstreperous- (adj.) noisy, unruly( Billy's obstreperous behavior prompted the librarian to ask him to leave the reading room.)

3. assiduous- (adj.) hard-working, diligent(the construction workers erected the skyscraper during two years of assiduous labor.)


  1. Good words! I have actually come across all of those words in the last year in my reading. Thanks for stopping by my Post!

  2. The word obstreperous sounded familiar but I knew I couldn't define it. I'll have to see if I can hang on to that one. I've certainly seen the behavior before.

  3. I knew vitriolic and thought I knew assiduous, but I was wrong about the second word. Thanks for setting me straight!

  4. Your words are excellent, usable adjectives--well done!

  5. Fun words! I particularly like obstreperous, but I'd recommend practicing the pronunciation before you use it in conversation. It's not as effective if you stumble over it -- I should know.

    My words are here.

  6. I always think obstreperous means something different than it does. Maybe if I remember your example sentence that will help!

  7. I knew all 3, but had the completely wrong meaning in my head for assiduous.

    1. Peggy Ann- That's great, thanks! for coming by.

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      Bermudaonion- You're welcome.

      Suko- Thanks!

      Lisa, Joy Weese Moll- glad you came by.

      Louise- Glad it was cleared up for you.