Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday

My words today are taken from the book , The Unruly Passions Of Eugenie R. by Carole DeSanti

1. Confiture- is a thick, sweet caramel sauce prepared from milk and sugar(from old French, a confection)

2. Cadre- Frame, framework, a core group.

3. Atelier- is the French word for "workshop" of an artist in the fine and decorative arts.


  1. All your new words seem to have a French feeling to them. Very interesting.

  2. I knew cadre because my husband uses it all the time - he works for a French company. Thanks for playing along!

  3. I enjoyed your succinct post of French words. I hope you're enjoying this book.:)

    1. Margot-Thanks! for stopping and commenting.

      Bermudaonion-Interesting, your welcome!

      Suko- I hope to get to it soon.

  4. I knew two of your words very well this week- cadre I kind of knew but not the meaning. Actually confiture is a general French term for jam or preserve, confiture de lait is the specific term for the milk jam you are describing. And it is an astonishing substance! I'm probably glad that I can't get it here, it is so addictive- well worth a trip to France alone.