Monday, February 27, 2012

History Of A Pleasure Seeker By Richard Mason Post - Review

History Of A Pleasure Seeker by Richard Mason Post- Review


An opulent, romantic novel, set at the height of Europe's belle epoque, about a handsome young man in his mid-twenties-a golden boy who secures a position as a tutor in the household of one of the most prominent bourgeois families in Amsterdam-and his entry into a world of moneyed glamour and dangerous temptations.

My opinion:

Piet, a young man from Amsterdam takes a job in a wealthy household as a tutor. He loves the luxuries of their life and coming from a poor background tries to enjoy it all. It is a story filled with sensuality and graphically described and well written. It also takes place at the turn of the last century and moves to N.Y. at the time of the stock market crash. It is interesting to see him survive as he eventually leaves his employer to go off on his own and boards an oceanliner bound for Cape Town, Africa. He is an individual seeking all of life's pleasures.

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