Monday, February 20, 2012

Downton Abbey - Masterpiece Theater

Downton Abbey- Masterpiece Theater

The two hour finale of Downton Abbey finally reveals Mary's secret. Sir Richard made her so miserable that she was going to go off to America to visit her grandmother until the scandal blows over. After her mother tells her father all about it, he takes the news better than she thought. Sybil and Tom are married now and they are expecting a child. Bates is found guilty and his death by hanging sentence is changed to life in prison, while more clues are trying to be found to prove his innocence.At the end of the show Matthew finally gets down on one knee and asks Mary to marry him and she says "yes". A perfect ending.


  1. I was desperate to buy the box set for so long and once I finally did, I fully intended to watch it. But it's been a while. I want to get into it but always find myself putting on something else instead.

    1. Heather- I hope you find time to watch it, It's really good.