Monday, February 13, 2012

Downton Abbey-Masterpiece Theater

Downton Abbey - Masterpiece Theater

A very busy night on Downton Abbey as the Spanish flu takes the life of Lavinia, just as Matthew begins to walk again. Matthew confesses at her funeral that she just lost hope and had a broken heart after discovering Mary and him dancing and kissing him in the foyer. Lord Grantham is up to no good after he grabs the maid, Jane and kisses her, meanwhile his wife is deathly sick upstairs. Lady Sybil and Branson decide to elope, but their plans are stopped due to her sisters insistance to come back and tell her parents. In the end she does get her father's blessing reluctantly. Mr. Bates and Anna are married just in the nick of time before he is arrested by the police for the murder of his wife. Stay tuned.


  1. At last the second series is showing in Sri Lanka. I did watch the entire lot in Melbourne so am fairly updated. I do hope it is going to continue!!!

    1. Mystica- Oh! I do too, thanks! for coming by.