Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday

My words today are taken from: Factacular; interesting words

1. Balter- to dance clumsily.

2. Chorizo- spicy pork sausage.

3.Didactic- intended to teach.

4.Emunctory-relating to nose blowing.


  1. I like emunctory! And I love me a good chorizo pizza. :)

  2. I knew chorizo (seeing it on enough menus around here in San Jose, CA) and didactic. Balter and emunctory - both new and interesting for me...

  3. I love "balter and "emunctory" So how's this?
    The emunctory effect of the just eaten chorizo caused her to balter on the dance floor.

  4. I too, have never heard of 'balter' or 'emunctory'.

    'emunctory' sounds particularly gruesome and disgusting and is not probably a word which I would ever try to use in public.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love choriso mixed in my chili. Mmmm good. Burns my mouth in a good way.

  6. Mmmm...chorizo! Emunctory is new to me. :)

  7. I didn't know number 4. Weird word and seems appropriate to nose blowing! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I definitely balter when I get out on the dance floor.

  9. I know chorizo from menus, too -- my husband is allergic to red meat so we've had to learn all its various guises including this one.

    I know the term autodidact, but hadn't really understood that didactic would be a word as well.

  10. I love chorizo too- I make a great bean and lentil soup with chorizo. Balter is a great word, one I've seen in action many times of course, but never had a name for it before.

    1. Care- Sounds good!

      Lady In read, Alyce- For me too!

      Larry Peterson- That's great.

      Fiction Books, Margot- You're right.

      Christine Rains- you too!

      Bermudaonion- I do too!

      Louise, Joy Weese Moll- Thanks! for commenting.