Monday, January 30, 2012

Downton Abbey- Masterpiece Theater

Downton Abbey - Masterpiece Theater

Last night's show was a sad one as William was fatally wounded and was brought back to Downton to die. A wedding was planned much to Daisy's dismay, she didn't think it was right to marry William that it was deceitful. He wanted his pension left to Daisy for her future. Right after the ceremony he died and she was left a widow. Matthew was very seriously wounded and may never walk again. Mary rushed to his side to help, while Matthew told Lavinia to go back home and forget about him and live her life. Will Mary stay with Matthew or will the promise she made to another interfere?Stay tuned.


  1. Poor Matthew! I really hope he and Mary end up together. I admit I teared up at the end with William and Daisy's wedding and then with William's death.

    1. Mari Reads- I do too!

      Melissa- A sad show this week.