Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Accidents Of Providence by Stacia Brown Post - review

Accidents Of Providence by Stacia Brown Post - Review

My Thoughts:

I found this to be a very captivating story of Rachel an unwed mother who had an affair with a married man in 1649. The consequences of her pregnancy back then was death by hanging, she was considered a public disgrace. Rachel is a simple girl, who worked as a glove maker.She hid her condition and after she gives birth and the baby dies, she ends up burying the infant to hide the evidence.The body of the baby is discovered and so is her secret. She goes to trial and prison under deplorable conditions. What happens to her is really a so called miracle, I found this book to be very interesting and definitely a page turner.


  1. That does sound fascinating. Isn't it interested that the mother to be was treated like that, but nothing happened to the father?

    1. bermudaonion- That was the case,the mother got the worst of it.