Monday, December 12, 2011

Dexter TV Series 12-11-11 Show


Last night on Dexter, Angel was almost killed as Traviss had him tied up in a hotel room and then set the room on fire. His partner finally got to him just in time and saved his life. Debra's session with her therapist turns out to be very outlandish as she suggest that she has a thing for her brother deep down and no other can compare with him. They are not blood related, but I think this scenario is going a little way out there. Dexter's side effects from a poison gas attempt,almost gets him killed as it renders him dizzy as he tries to kill Traviss. He escapes from Traviss's ring of fire surrounding his small boat.Stay tuned.


  1. I couldn't even read this because I haven't watched this season of Dexter, but... let's just say I can't wait till I can watch this season! Dexter is now my all-time favorite show after I watched all the past seasons this summer.

  2. Jessi E.- It's getting more interesting all the time.