Thursday, November 17, 2011

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

Of the books you own, what's the biggest category/genre?

I own a mixture of genre's , and there is really no category that is larger.

Is this also the category that you actually read the most?

I enjoy Historical Fiction, but can't say that I read it the most.


  1. I have crime fiction everywhere!!

    Here is my BTT: category post!

  2. I like historical fiction too but I don't really sort it into a category of its own. I'm beginning to feel I ought to have read lots of other people's answers before writing my own ;)
    Here's my BTT

  3. I don't own a lot of historical fiction, but mostly have general fiction on my bookshelves. Here's my BTT.

  4. I don't tend to read a lot of historical fiction. I've read a couple with bad geography and it throws me out of the story.

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  5. I haven't read too many historical fiction books recently, but I did read a lot of them in my younger years.

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  6. It's nice that you read a bit of everything :)

  7. I love Historical Fiction :D
    But, I agree. Is there really one genre anyone is dedicated to? Surely, there can't be! I'm all over the place in my reading.

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  8. It was difficult for me to choose a genre, since I read a lot of different genres. However, the question asks, of the books you own what is the biggest category. So after reviewing my bookshelves, I found cozy mysteries to be my biggest category. I didn't even know that until this morning.

  9. I don't read a lot of historical fiction. When it's history I tend to prefer history books :-) For me there's more fantasy and science fiction.

  10. I don't think I have a lot of any one genre either, but most of my books are fiction.

  11. Good for your for having a mix! I really should do that but my love of fantasy gets in the way of that.

  12. I own a mixture of genres as well and even though the majority of them is women's fiction, I have lots of chick-lit and mystery books as well.

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  13. I've never read any historical fiction before...Do you have any recommendations?

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  14. gautami tripathy, Dawn Treader- Thanks! for stopping.

    Melissa, Claire, Laurel-rain- snow- Glad you came by.

    Library Snake- Yes, a variety, but I have my favorites too.

    Sierra- Me too!

    GIGI Ann- A good mystery is nice to cozy up to.

    mostraum- There good genres.

    bermudaonion, thecheapreader- thanks! for commenting.

    Vicky- it's good to mix things up.

    R.J.Gonzales- A New Birth of Freedom: The Visit

    Yvonne- I can see why, I like mysteries too.