Monday, October 24, 2011

The Walking Dead - Tv Series

The Walking Dead

Last night's show was filled with suspense as Rick's young son Carl was accidentally shot by a man named Otis who was hunting a deer. Devastated , Otis tells Rick to take the boy to a nearby house where there is a doctor.Carl is on the verge of dying and the doctor can do no more without the equipment needed to operate. There is a school nearby, that has the necessary items, so Otis an Shane volunteer to go even though it is surrounded by the walkers. Their chances look bad as they are attacked by the walkers and are only temporarily safe behind a chain link fence. Lori arrives on the scene, as she is brought to her son by the doctor's daughter, who delivers her on horseback. Stay tuned there is a lot happening.


  1. I've watched the past two weeks with my 25yo daughter. Still not sure it's for me but I'll give it a few more weeks :)

  2. Mary- Me too, my daughter got me into it, giving it a chance.