Friday, October 14, 2011

Project Runway- 10-13-11 Show

Project Runway

Last night on Project Runway the winning designers were Anya, Joshua, Kimberly, and Viktor. The fourth designer, Kimberly was chosen to do a line to see how it would fare. The one I thought stood out was Anya's which was very chic and beautiful. It seems like she stood out right from the beginning. I will be anxious to see what they all come up with for fashion week. I also love the part of the show when Tim makes his visits to see how they are doing.


  1. I Miss Project Runway...Watched it From the First Show on Bravo..Tim,Heidi,Michael,Nina. I do forget when they are on now that switched channels...Must set it to tape it...We were always on the edge of our Seats... Then to see some winners doing so well now..Is Great!! "Make It Work" <3 Tim

  2. Susan- I appreciate your comment on the show.