Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sarah's Key - The Movie

Sarah's Key - The movie

I went to see Sarah's Key over the week-end, this French drama took place during the rounding up of the non-French Jews in german occupied France. Sarah and her family were taken one day unexpectedly by the German soldiers to be taken to Auschwitz to be killed. She decided her younger brother would be protected and she hid him away in a secret hiding place in the apartment. She later realized it was a big mistake and was determined to get back and free him. It is a sad realization and very tragic for her. The story of Sarah is told years later by a journalist who happens to share some ties to that same apartment. She is determined to find out if Sarah is still alive or at least some one related to her. It is a very interesting movie.


  1. I want to see that movie so bad, but it hasn't shown here yet.

  2. Bermudaonion- I was a little surprised that we got it.

  3. The heartbreaking account of the events of 1942 are expertly juxtaposed with a contemporary tale of an American journalist in Paris. I loved the way the author alternated chapters, boucning back and forth between 1942 and the present. I thought that the details of the two stories were beautifully interwoven. This is, for the most part, a quite sad story, but was so beautifully written. It is definitely worth a read.