Friday, April 29, 2011

The Office- 4-28-11 Episode

Michael's last day at the office was not meant to be painful to him.
As the party planning committee made their decisions on what to have for the next day,he came in and told them that he was leaving it up to them. He went around and bid his farewells to everyone individually, they did not know he was leaving that afternoon. Jim figured it out and didn't divulge his secret.Minutes before he was to leave, he calls them into the conference room and still maintains the charade. He then leaves with no songs and not as many tears and just a closed elevator door and cab waiting to take him to the airport. We will all miss him.


  1. i agree ... i got more teary eyed last week ... but I think it was a good farewell to Michael :-)

  2. I hate to see him go! It was great to see Pam send him off at the airport. Love that show!

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