Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glee- 2-22-11 Episode

Last night's show dealt with teenage drinking. The Glee Club gang was invited to a party at Rachel's house, since her parents were away at the time. She offered them 2 wine coolers apiece along with 2 tickets to be used on them. They soon tired of this & were about to leave when she opened up her father's liquor cabinet to them.They got pretty drunk & Rachel even kissed Kurt's gay friend & made a date with him, which didn't work out.Will went partying with Beiste to have some fun & ended up drunk. The club experienced the after effects of drinking at the alcohol awareness assembly, when they threw up all over each other. Will had them sign pledges in the end, which stated that if they drank they would do it more responsibly.


  1. I heard this episode was so funny! I can't believe I missed it, and the fact that Rachel and Blaine kissed!